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University-trained Instructors

Alexandra B

Piano, Beginner to Advanced

Joanne S

Piano, Beginner to advanced

John H

Drums, Percussion, Piano

Megan B

Voice, Musical Theater, Piano

Noelle K

Violin, Piano

Onyeka O

Pop Voice Specialist, Piano

Tom W

Jazz Guitar Specialist

Tyler D

Guitar, Keyboard, Drums

Anthony R

Guitar, Piano, Drums

Maxwell N

Violin, Viola, Piano

Colin S

Guitar, Piano, Drums

Alyssa H

Flute, Piano

Bart S

Violin, Viola, Piano

Blake J

Guitar, Shredding Specialist

Catherine S


Chris R

Guitar, Drums, Piano

Crystal L

Flute, Piano

Dean S

Trumpet, Brass, Woodwinds

Elena B

Violin, Piano

Elizabeth R

Voice, Piano

Jasmine A

Voice, Jazz Piano

Jeffery H

Violin, Viola, Piano

Joe D

Guitar, Voice Piano

Julia F

Violin, Piano

Kiyoko M

Piano, advanced student specialist

Krystal M

Clarinet, Saxophone

Margaret S

Piano, Voice

Mei K

Piano, Advanced Student Specialist

Sarah C

Flute, Violin, Piano

Tristan C

Voice, Piano

Winnie D

Piano, Advanced student specialist


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