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Earn 15% monthly ongoing commission on online music lesson referrals as an OnlineMusicLessons.Today referral partner.

When you are approved as a referral partner you will be sent a unique link that students you refer will use to register with. Simply post your unique link on your website or share it with your contacts by email or social media. Each month you will receive a 15% commission on all music lesson fees generated by your referral.

There is no cost to be an affiliate.

Payouts for the previous monthly revenue are done in the first week of the month by PayPal or ACH bank deposit.

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Do I need to actually register any music lesson students myself or do any customer service for the students I refer after the lessons start?

No. We do all the registration on our automated platform and we handle all of the customer service, tech support, scheduling, billing and other issues that may arise. You simply share your link and get a commission on all the lesson revenue the students who registered through it pay every month.

Who are the teachers that the students I refer will be getting?

All of our music teachers have university degrees and training and are criminal background checked. Many have been teaching with our studio for over 10 years. We actively screen, hire and manage our teachers directly. We monitor their student retention and parent satisfaction levels constantly to ensure that students have a positive long term learning experience.

Are your lesson prices competitive with other lesson sources?

Yes. Our lesson rates are $29 per lesson which is lower than most commercially operating music school and studios. Since we have an automated platform that reduces our costs, we are able make sure our teachers are qualified and well paid and still give a competitive rate to the consumer.

Can I register my own kids or myself through my affiliate link and get a commission on my own lessons?

Yes. You can use your own link to personally register and get a commission on those lesson too. We  actually encourage our affiliates to become students as it is much easier to confidently refer a service if you are a happy user. This also gives us a chance to get as much feedback as possible about our teachers and our system from affiliates who we are regularly in contact with and also have an interest in the system being as good as possible.

Is there any risk to me or my business by being a referral partner?

No. There is no cost to be a referral partner, we pay you. You are free to stop referring students to us at any time and you will still maintain and receive the commissions on any active students that you referred previously.  Even if you close your business you will still receive monthly commissions on your active students.

We try to minimize customer complaints by not having any long-term contracts students are locked into. All lessons are taken on a month to month basis.  Customers may self-cancel in their account at any time before the next billing cycle with no penalty or long-term notice required.

Our system also eliminates the biggest customer service issue in the music teaching industry – make-up lessons. Our system allows students to self-cancel individual lessons for any reason and generate a make-up lesson credit with just 4 hours of advance notice. They can use their make-up lesson credit and self-schedule for a future lesson at any time available on their teachers schedule. We allow students to do this 3 times per year.  This practically eliminates customer complaints caused by other rigid and unfair make up lesson policies.

We believe the long-term success of our students, our teachers, our affiliate partners and our company is directly related to how fair and reasonable we can treat everyone. Our goal is to for everyone to win together.

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